You may not feel it now, given the time of the year, but beaches can be one of the most romantic settings for any wedding. Many brides, and even grooms-to-be, dream of a wedding at an beach location, even if they are away from the coastline such as West Virginia. And what better reason in the late Spring to early Fall to hold your wedding outdoors along the coastline of Virginia Beach. Dedicating one of your most important days of your life such as a wedding can be most enjoyable. Imagine the cool moist breeze blowing across your face and caressing your hair, the roar of the waves, the splashing water droplets and the sand castles and dunes, and you have an idea of how exciting and memorable it could be. Anywhere along Virginia Beach’s oceanfront such as nearby Waterman’s Surfside Grille on 415 Atlantic Avenue to First Landing State Park on Shore Drive has many options for indoor/outdoor ceremonies as well as receptions to follow. Show Bride’s Green Bride Wedding Expo will be held at the First Landing State Park on March 18th from 2pm to 5pm focusing on an eco-friendly theme to help raise awareness among newlyweds with a healthy lifestyle around us.

As a first blog on weddings here in Virginia Beach, we hope to post more comments regarding beach weddings, tips on your big day and items not to overlook as your wedding day comes closer. Brides often plan a theme and a beach theme is very popular, if not the most obvious, theme here in Virginia Beach. A beach themed wedding requires its own planning to make it really good. Among the things that you will need to bestow a lot of attention are your party favors. You should select your party favors to suit the theme of the beach wedding. Our next post will go over party favors. Plan on!

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