Congratulations on your engagement!
Before you start your wedding registry read these helpful tips on how to do it right.

Wedding gift

  1. Register early
    Keep in mind that bridal showers can take place month before your wedding. If you register early guests can take advantage of your registry up until your wedding.

  2. Register with a store that is convenient 
    If possible register with a company that has a brick and mortal store and is convenient for your friends and family to reach. Not everyone likes to shop online. You can even register at more than one location. 

  3. Register for gifts in every price range
    Give your guests the option to choose from a variety of gifts. As a rule of thumb: one third of your gifts should be under $50, one third between $50 and $150 and one third of the gifts can be over $150.

  4. Mix it up
    Register for some traditional items, like china, as well as non-traditonal items. Think about what gifts you would like to receive as a couple. This can include a wine registry or a honeymoon registry.

  5. Do not refer to your registry on the wedding invitation
    Avoid to mention your registry on your wedding invitation. It is acceptable though to include the registry on your wedding website or on shower invitations.

  6. Write thank you notes
    Thank your guests properly. Sending a handwritten thank you note within six weeks of receiving the gift is still the best way to do this. Mention the gift and how you will use it.


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