Their passion for storytelling is something they apply to every wedding they photograph. It’s not just about a photo’s vibrant colors, proper composition, or retouching techniques. For them it’s also about telling a story through each subsequent photo in an entire collection from a single wedding. They consider every detail in every moment that is relevant to creating an emotional connection with its viewer. Combining their storytelling philosophy with the general artistry of photography is a collective art, and is something they always remind ourselves to fuel our creative inspiration. They challenge themselves to extract the inner beauty hidden in the details, and to always be mindful of the final product the moment they press the shutter.

They are a team of individual artists who each have their own stories that lead them to the incredible art of photography. They each share a passion for building relationships, visualizing stories, and creating history.

For more information, please visit their website at

Or you can visit their booth, March 29th at the Williamsburg Hellenic Center from 2pm-5pm.



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