Thank you Sam and Wendy from Photographer’s Playground for 1 of 3 videos at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina on January 21, 2018. Thank you Michelle Ellis from McEllis Brides, DJ West (Westley Bernard Madison), About Face MakeUp Artistry & Aesthetics, Advance Cosmetology Academy, coordinator Keesha Brooks from Reason-a-BOWS, featuring models Patti Dearman, Heather Palaj Charity, Alicia Adubrino, Haily Talley, Autumn Richardson, Valerie Williams, Christina Haldiman, Jessica Magary, Ava Brooks, Donnell Lattimore, Chris Hawkins, Joshua Thomason, Jaye Parker, Richard Micucci, & Liam McAnney. Fashion show participants include David’s Bridal, Men’s Wearhouse, Emcees Colonial DJs, Mrs. VA & DC US Shena Dixon Mason, Phillip Andrada, Elite Presentations, and Illuminations Innovations. #PeninsulaWinterBridalExpo #CrownePlazaHamptonMarina #Showbride

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