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Showbride Elaina learns more about silhouettes and how you can have them in your wedding! Silhouettes by Blane, based out of Richmond, Virginia, can highlight your loved ones with beautiful silhouettes handmade right in front of you! Produced by Brian Charles Films, today’s episode explores the latest trend in weddings: Silhouettes! Be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button to stay up-to-date with all things “How Do I Wedding?“. Check out new episodes and like us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! tune in on Thursdays! #Showbride #silhouettes #BrianCharlesFilms #HowDoIwedding #Thursdays Thank you Brian Charles Films www.briancharlesfilms.com focus@briancharlesfilms.com, Silhouettes by Blane https://www.facebook.com/SilhouettesByBlane/ artalacarteva@gmail.com, and Showbride showbride10@gmail.com www.showbride.com

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