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DJ Tripp

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757-610-1910 “Staying power serving all generations” Your decision on choosing the right DJ is very important. Since the beginnings of a DJ in the 80’s, a DJ service in the 90’s, a one-stop shop in the 00’s, and today producing bridal shows, anticipating your big day has always been consistent. Always young at heart, I cannot get away from experiencing the joy and fun to play the latest tunes, but I still enjoy playing music from back in the day that you and your parents have enjoyed. Last minute changes before your date is inevitable, but important details is always important to document as soon as you see fit.

I’m connected with Signature DJsColonial DJs, among others. The need to work every week is not as important as ensuring the fun that I get to experience with all of you. Familiar with all wedding business types, focusing on the DJ aspect is what I enjoy most. What to play, what to say, and when to them is what you we need to get so you can tend to your other priorities. I look forward to understanding your wedding day timeline.

I can be your emcee using proper introductions to involve your guests and lead them for many group activities. Unless told otherwise, appropriate dress attire is there to maintain the interests of your guests, proving time spent with your guests will show my dedication to the best service possible for all ages.

I have deals that’s almost the same as hiring a local professional DJ. I’ve had enjoyable experiences in Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Spokane, San Jose, Tucson, Hawaii & the East Coast! Otherwise serving the Hampton Roads area is great! I am DJ Tripp as I love to travel. The number of in-person meetings or conference calls is up to your availability. I look forward to serving you...anywhere! Congratulations and thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to give me a call at 757-375-7044 or email me at

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