Diamond and Pearls Weddings

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Diamond and Pearls Weddings
Your job is to celebrate and enjoy your big day.
My job is to make that happen.
Kathleen Wood, Owner

Meet Kathleen
“The wedding is about the bride and groom.”

This is my philosophy about every wedding. As a bride many years ago, I found that I was battling many well-meaning family members from both sides of the aisle.  From dress color to location to music and more, I spent a lot of time mediating between mothers, fiance, and more because I was trying to please everyone while having the wedding I wanted.  In theory, the wedding is supposed to be about the couple saying the I Do’s, however, it often does not turn out that way.

As your wedding planner, I work for YOU.  I will meet with you, and, if you desire, anyone else who should be involved in the planning, to determine what YOUR wishes are.  After we determine what your dream wedding is, I will do all of the work needed to make it happen.  You just show up where you need to be at the appointed times, and I will do the rest.

In addition to the fun things, I will also ask the hard questions such as, who gets the final call on big decisions?  For example, if Dad and Mom want to have your reception at the country club, are you willing to compromise and give up having it at the botanical gardens since they are financing that part of the celebrations?  If you are, then no problem - if you are not, then we need to talk about options.  I want you to make informed decisions that you feel confident standing by. To ensure your desires are stated and met, we will do a lot of talking and planning together.  Having the wedding that you always dreamed of is your wish, and it is my priority - I will work hard to make it happen.


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