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VA 24090
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I love the romance, the emotions, and the elegance of a wedding. All the fine details that combine your style and personal touches that make it your own.

Nothing is more sacred than capturing the Emotions of a dad as he sees his little girl for the first time in her gown... or as the groom tears up at the sight of you walking down the aisle... the Romance written in your love letters you exchange, or the embrace of your first kiss as a husband and wife...the Elegance in the lace gown you chose to wear, or the fine linens and floral design in the ballroom, it's all perfect!

You don't want to trust these moments to just anyone! You want someone who can provide you with the experience necessary to preserving these memories! You deserve someone who will make you feel comfortable, someone who is detailed and organized, someone who can help you plan your photography desires of your wedding day! You deserve the luxury experience of Cherished Memories Studios!

I have several luxury items to help you display and preserve your memories such as Fine Art Albums, Luxury Canvas Portraits, Metal Prints, Boutique Boxes, and much more!

Contact me to set up your free consultation!

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