Today Showbride is sharing some tips and tricks on how you can look your best on your wedding day.

1. Are you dreaming of long beautiful wedding hair?
Remember that it takes time to let your hair grow healthy. The average hair grows about half an inch every month. Have your stylist trim your ends about every 10 weeks to avoid split ends. Also avoid drastic color changes before your wedding day. 

2. How to have flawless skin
Schedule a gentle facial about 2 weeks before the wedding. Avoid long sun bathing and anything that could irritate your skin. If you want to be a bride with a sexy natural tan, get a spray tan 2 days before the big day. That way the tan can wear off a little and you avoid looking orange or too tan.

3. Beautiful make up
Keep your make up simple and invest in having your make up done professionally. You might do a great job with your own make up every day, but a professional make up artist knows how to create a long lasting make up that will photograph well.

4. Mani & Pedi
Get your nails done 2 days before the wedding. If you get a spray tan make sure you get the manicure and pedicure done before to avoid white spots. A shellac manicure is perfect since it will not chip or scratch. Shellac also lasts for about 2 weeks so you will have beautiful hands and feet on your honeymoon =)


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